Guttering & Fascia


It is important to check your guttering from time to time, to ensure your residential or commercial property is protected from water damage. Leaking gutters can cause unnecessary expense; it therefore makes sense to keep a proper check on your guttering system. To avoid problems in the future, clean, repair or replace your guttering on a regular basis.

With our extensive experience and team of highly skilled workers we can provide the best guttering solutions for your property. To maintain the efficient functioning of your guttering you should arrange a clear out at least once or twice a year. This will reduce the damage caused by rain water and save you money on expensive repairs due to leaked, damaged and blocked guttering.

To obtain a free no obligation quote, please Contact us. Our experts will visit your property and let you know the cost and time required to maintain, repair or install your guttering system. You can be assured that we will complete the work within the time and cost specified by our team.


Fascias are the straight and long boards that run along the lower border of the roof. It is an integral part of your property’s guttering system and used to sustain the bottom of the roof tiles and fixing end of the gutters.

Gutter cleaning is not only important to protect you home against water damage but if allowed to deteriorate it can affect your fascias and soffits. When guttering gets filled with leaves and moss it becomes heavy and can cause damage to the fascia and soffit areas. A proper gutter system helps to prevent decomposition of fascias and soffits, mould growth and internal moisture as well as damage caused to brickwork.

Tomany Builders & Electrical have considerable experience in the field of replacing fascias. With 30 years of experience we are experts in the field. We can provide the best solutions for all your requirements.

We provide the best quality fascia boards that are strong, attractive and have low maintenance properties. We use waterproof fascias that are not damaged by damp or moisture. Fascias help keep your house secure from air pollution, sun light and other harmful elements. They not only look attractive but provide a protective shield to your house as well.

Our team of specialists can install all types of roof fascias. From fascia boards to trims, soffit vent panels and UPVC. Fascias are an inexpensive means of protecting your home from harsh weather, and at Tomany Builders & Electrical we provide the best service and use the finest quality of products. We choose fascias according to the roofing material of your house and ensure they are long lasting. We can also replace, repair and renovate fascia efficiently.

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Following many years of exposure to adverse weather conditions your fascias and soffits can rot and cause unforeseen damage to your property. They can also make your house look untidy. Also as most homes are centrally heated now, soffits support fascias and keep the roofs of homes ventilated. If the roof was not ventilated, condensation could form and increase the risk of timber decay.

Tomany Builders & Electrical can replace or repair damaged soffits so call us on 01784 257386 today to obtain a quote.